June 29 - July 4, 2008

Overview. The only lodging available in the area is at the Pingree Park campus. Accomodations range from around $62/night for a bunk in a shared cabin with a shared bathroom to around $122/night for a single room with bath. These prices include 3 meals a day. Rooms with 2 or 3 beds and a private bath are available for those travelling with their family ($75-100/person/night).

Specifics. Participants should choose between the following two options. Both option prices include 3 meals a day.

Option #1 (The North Dormitory) Participants may choose to stay in a bunk in the North Dorm. The North Dorm has multiple rooms containing multiple bunk beds in each room (between 2 and 8 bunk beds per room). The North Dorm has shared bathroom facilities. In this building there are some small rooms containing 2 bunk beds (=4 beds total) which may be available for couples, depending on availability. The cost of staying in the north dorm is $62 per person, per night (this includes an $8 linen charge per night).

Option #2 (The conference center cabins) Participants may choose to stay in the conference center cabins (marked as conference housing on the map below). The conference center cabin rooms are situated in buildings having 6 bedrooms, each bedroom having its own private bathroom. In addition the cabin buildings each have shared living room areas. The bedrooms come in two different layouts and can hold a maximum of 4 people each. Conference center cabin pricing is as follows:

2008 Conference Center Cabin Room Rates
people per room
price per person
Kids age 3-11 are $49/per night and kids <3 are free. For more information on room rates, please see:


Please send requests for housing to mckinnie (at) rice (dot) edu