June 29 - July 4, 2008

Following the tradition of previous entries in the series, this is an informal conference on the Brauer group and related topics such as linear algebraic groups and valuation theory. It will be held at the beautiful Pingree Park conference facility operated by Colorado State University. As is customary, there is no financial support available for participants.

This conference was held in honor of Adrian Wadsworth on occasion of his 60th birthday!!

Update: Photos from the 2008 meeting.

Talks will begin only in the mid-afternoon, leaving the mornings free for collaboration and/or hiking.
Conference poster

Photos from the 2004 meeting

A brief history of previous Brauer group meetings
List of tentative participants
Speaker schedule
Organizers: Danny Krashen, Skip Garibaldi and Kelly McKinnie[*]

[*] Though supporting the website, Rice University is not affiliated with this conference.