June 29 - July 4, 2008

Previous meetings of The Brauer Group

2008: (29 June - 4 July) Pingree Park, Colorado

2004: (27 June - 3 July) Pingree Park, Colorado

2002: (2-9 July) Pingree Park, Colorado

1999: (27 June - 1 July) Brauer group meeting at Lubrecht Experimental Forest conference center in Montana (organized by Steve Liedahl and Nicholas Vonessen)

1998: (14-18 June) at Colorado State University / Saltman CBMS lecture series

1997: (1-5 July) Pingree Park, Colorado

1993: (2-6 August) Pingree Park, Colorado

1991: (24-28 June) Pingree Park, Colorado

1990: (July) Colorado State, Ft. Collins, Colorado

1989: (June) Colorado State, Ft. Collins, Colorado

From Frank DeMeyer: "Many years ago David Saltman, Darrell Haile and I went for a hike, using the parking lot at Pingree as the starting point. David immediately had the idea that we could use the Pingree area for a conference, and I agreed to work with him to get one going. I only imagined there would be one, but the initial conference was so successful we continued to have additional conferences there about once every other year. The way the conference is organized hasn't changed much from the first one, and the size of the group has remained about the same. Because of the informal nature of the conference, no records were kept, no proceedings were published, but many interesting and useful peices of mathematics were completed at Pingree."
Frank's Pingree Park Photos from 2002 & 2004