Andy Putman

Associate Professor
Edgar Odell Lovett Junior Chair in Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
Rice University, MS 136
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX 77005
Phone : (713) 348-3617
Fax : (713) 348-5231

Office: Brown Hall for Mathematical Sciences 418
Office hours: by appointment

Teaching (spring 2014) : Math 212, Math 541

Research interests :
moduli space of curves, arithmetic groups, mapping class group,
low-dimensional topology, geometric group theory, group cohomology

Curriculum vitae

Papers (most available on the arXiv)

Graduate students :
James Cooper (2010-present)
David Cohen (2010-present)
Corey Bregman (2012-present)

Summer program for high school students

Local seminars:
Topology seminar
Topology working seminar
Algebraic geometry seminar
Geometry and Analysis seminar
Math calendar

Conferences organized:
3-Manifolds : Heegaard Splittings, the Curve Complex, and Hyperbolic Geometry
Fall 2012 Texas Geometry and Topology Conference
Geometric Group Theory and Dynamics, Special Session at Spring 2011 AMS Meeting in Las Vegas

Jon McCammond's geometric group theory page
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