Rice University

RTG at Rice

Spring 2014 Undergraduate Geometry Colloquium (MATH 390)

Instructor: John Calabrese.
When and where: Mondays at 4PM, room to be confirmed.
What: Matrix Groups.

This year's topic for MATH390 will be: Matrix Groups. We will follow closely notes by Andrew Baker on the subject. The prerequisites are minimal, consisting essentially in knowing what matrices and partial derivatives are. Matrix groups show up pretty much everywhere, including Geometry, Representation Theory and Physics.

During the first meeting we will shape a precise route, subdivide the material (depending on the number and background of the participants) and introduce some basic notions from topology. Each week a student will then give a one-hour talk, covering a chunk of the planned syllabus. This will be an excellent occasion to practice giving seminars in a friendly environment. Attending and giving a talk will be mandatory. The mentioned notes are available here: http://www.maths.gla.ac.uk/~ajb/dvi-ps/lie-bern.pdf.