Rice University Math

Mathematical physics


  • David Damanik
    Spectral theory, mathematical physics, and analysis.
  • Robin Forman (Emeritus)
    Relationships between topology and analysis, with an emphasis on ideas from mathematical physics.
  • Robert Hardt
    Geometric measure theory, partial differential equations, continuum mechanics.
  • Alexander Kiselev
    Fluid mechanics, mathematical biology, spectral theory, reaction-diffusion equations.
  • Milivoje Lukic
    Schröedinger operators and nonlinear integrable partial differential equations.

Instructors and Post Doctoral Fellows

  • Siran Li
    Analysis and PDE, differential geometry, fluid mechanics.
  • Selim Sukhtaiev
    Mathematical physics, partial differential equations, spectral theory, infinite dimensional dynamical systems.
  • Changhui Tan
    Nonlinear partial differential equations, kinetic theory, fluid mechanics.