Conference Wrap Up: Where Do We Go From Here

Easel Notes

Conference for African American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Berkeley, California, June 21-23, 1995

Make it Better

1. Graduate student presentations
2. More time for discussions
3. Shorten talks
4. Have discussions at hotel
5. Discussions should focus on specific goal
6. Smaller group discussions, then come back as a body
7. Time limit on talks during discussion
8. Add a day
9. Less talks per day
10. List topics for discussion at beginning of conference
11. Another conference to address other issues
12. More time discussing mechanisms to correct problems we're facing
13. Prepared presentations on topics (affirmative action, etc.)
14. Email lists, discussion board (Camille McKayle, Ron Buckmire -UC
Berkeley Web page)
15. Panels
16. Have grad students talk to incoming students

Have Chair and Co-Chairs (Nate Dean)
Create a consortium
Representation from diverse group
Have proposal workshops

Gordon conference format

9-12  Talks
12-1  Lunch
1-5  Break out groups: Grad students, specialists
7-9 Last talk


Nate Dean
Arlie Petters
Fern Hunt
Camille McKayle
William Massey
Chenita Hampton
Tasha Inniss
Cyril Coumarbatch
Dawn Lott-Crumpler
Danielle Carr

Proposal Committee

James Turner
William Massey
Raymond Johnson
Camille McKayle
Arlie Petters
Art Grainger

Summer Program

Students from same schools
Competitive stipends
Very problem-oriented -- no lectures
Shorten time period
Pre-graduate program
Bring practice exams

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