M. B. Porter Lectures, 2002-2003

Rice University
Department of Mathematics

Ken Ono
University of Wisconsin at Madison

Undergraduate Lecture
Monday, March 24
4 PM - 5 PM     Location TBA
The Number Theory of Partitions: The Legacy of Euler, Freeman Dyson, and Ramanujan.

Tuesday, March 25
4 PM - 5 PM     Herman Brown 227
Modular form congruences

Thursday, March 27
4 PM - 5 PM     Herman Brown 227
Groups associated to quadratic fields and elliptic curves.

Friday, March 28
4 PM - 5 PM     Herman Brown 227
Bizarre q-series and values of L-functions.

There will be a tea preceding each lecture at 3:30PM in the Mathematics Commons Room, Herman Brown 438.

Abstracts for each lecture are available.
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