Rice University Math

Colloquium, Rice University Math Department
Most talks are Thursdays at 4:00 in Herman Brown 227

Fall 2017

Date   Speaker   Title   Host
August 24th Hector Pasten The abc Conjecture and the d(abc) Theorem Lukic, Varilly-Alvarado
August 31st (cancelled)
September 7th Fred Wilhelm Jacobi field comparison Chambers
September 21st Alan Haynes Repetitivity of patterns in mathematical quasicrystals Lukic, Damanik
September 28th Greg Chambers Existence of homotopies with prescribed Lipschitz constants
October 5th David Ben-Zvi Kostant-Ngô Integration of Hamiltonian Systems Lukic, Wolf
October 12th Anna Vershynina Entanglement Rates in Quantum Systems Lukic
October 13th (Friday!) Andrew Neitzke The Riemann-Hilbert correspondence and enumerative geometry Lukic, Wolf
October 19th Scott Chapman Factorizations of Algebraic Integers, Block Monoids, and Additive Number Theory Fullarton
October 26th Kevin Scannell Scaling up language technology for the next 1000 languages Wolf
November 2nd Andrew Blumberg Trace methods in algebraic K-theory Lukic, Wolf
November 8th (Wednesday!) Alexander Nabutovsky Complexity of triviality in topology with applications to geometric variational problems Chambers
November 9th Regina Rotman Lengths of periodic geodesics and related questions Chambers
November 23rd Thanksgiving

Spring 2018

Date   Speaker   Title   Host
January 25th Jeff Brock Volume, Renormalized Reid
February 1st Cameron Gordon Left-orderability and 3-manifold groups Reid
February 8th Spring Recess
February 15th Almut Burchard Eulerian calculations in the Wasserstein space Chambers,Lukic
February 22nd Dylan Thruston Rational maps, graphs, and self-similar groups Mukamel
March 1st Gregory Berkolaiko Local nodal surplus and nodal count distribution of graphs with disjoint loops Sukhtaiev
March 8th Andre Neves Wow, so many minimal surfaces! Lukic
March 15th Spring Break
March 29th Ilia Binder Computability in Geometric Function Theory and Complex Dynamics Lukic
April 5th Ian Agol Coloring maps on surfaces Reid
April 12th Martin Bridson Curvature, rigidity and finite shadows of infinite groups Harvey
April 19th Steve Kerckhoff Alpan