Rice University Math

Colloquium, Rice University Math Department
Most talks are Thursdays at 4:00 in Herman Brown 227

Fall 2013

Date   Speaker   Title   Host
August 29  Keith Burns (Northwestern) Ergodicity of the Weil-Petersson geodesic flow Lukic, Damjanovic
September 5   Gregory Pearlstein (Texas A&M) Normal functions and the Hodge conjecture Lehmann, Hassett
September 12  Allison Moore (Rice) Mutation and total dimension in knot Heegaard Floer homology Orcan, Lukic
September 19  Michael Goldstein (University of Toronto) On Periodic Approximation of Quasi-Periodic Sturm-Liouville Operators and Korteweg-de Vries equations with quasi-periodic initial data Lukic, Damanik
September 26  Mariusz Urbanski (University of North Texas) Geometric Rigidity in Conformal Dynamical Systems Lukic, Damjanovic
October 3  Andrew Obus (Virginia)   Galois theory: Characteristic p vs. characteristic 0 Lehmann, Várilly-Alvarado  
October 10  David Gay (UGA) Trisecting 4-manifolds Tweedy, Harvey
October 17  Karen Vogtmann (Cornell) An outer space for right-angled Artin groups Tweedy, Putman
October 24  Evgeny Mukhin (IUPUI) What is Bethe ansatz? Lehmann, Hassett
October 31       
November 7  Emanuele Macrì (Ohio State University) Bridgeland stability conditions Lehmann, Hassett
November 14  Franz Pedit (University of Massachusetts) Constant mean curvature surfaces: an integrable perspective Orcan, Wolf
November 21  Anton Gorodetski (UC Irvine)   Sums of Cantor sets and convolutions of singular measures Lukic, Damanik  
November 28    Thanksgiving Recess (no scheduled classes)  
December 5  Aaron Pixton (Princeton)   The tautological ring of the moduli space of stable curves Lukic, Várilly-Alvarado  

Spring 2014

Date   Speaker   Title   Host
January 16  Richard Wentworth (Maryland) The Yang-Mills flow on Kaehler manifolds Orcan, Wolf
January 23       
January 30  Alex Kontorovich (Yale) (Stulken lecture) Damanik
February 6  Mark Sapir (Vanderbilt) On Tarski numbers of groups Tweedy, Putman
February 13  Maciej Zworski (Berkeley) Semiclassical scattering and applications Lukic, Damanik
February 20  Vadim Kaloshin (Maryland) Arnold Diffusion via Invariant Cylinders and Mather Variational Method Lukic, Damanik
February 27  Matthew Hedden (MSU) Knot theory and algebraic curves Moore, Tweedy
March 6    Spring Break (no scheduled classes)   
March 13  Yi Ni (Caltech) Genus minimizing knots in rational homology spheres Moore, Cochran
March 20       
March 27  Fritz Gesztesy (Missouri) The Krein-Lifshitz spectral shift function: its basic properties and some of its applications Damanik, Lukic
April 3    Midterm Recess (no scheduled classes)   
April 10  Arul Shankar (Harvard) Geometry-of-numbers techniques and counting orbits of binary cubic forms Lehmann, Várilly-Alvarado
April 17  Mladen Bestvina (Utah) The geometry of mapping class groups and automorphism groups of free groups Tweedy, Putman
April 25  Assaf Naor (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU) (Wolfe Lecture) Hassett