Rice University Math

Colloquium, Rice University Math Department
Most talks are Thursdays at 4:00 in Herman Brown 227

Fall 2012

Date   Speaker   Title   Host
August 23 Nets Katz (Indiana University) Erdos' distinct distances problem in the plane Putman
August 30 Richard Baraniuk (Rice ECE) Compressive Signal Processing Putman
September 6   Mark Embree (Rice CAAM) Localization of Ritz Values for Non-Hermitian Matrices Putman
September 13  Brian Lehmann (Rice) The minimal model program and curves Putman
September 20 Travis Schedler (University of Texas, Austin) Symplectic resolutions, Poisson homology, and D-modules Hassett
September 27  Amir Mohammadi (University of Texas, Austin) Orbit closure theorems in number theory and geometry Putman
October 4  Jayadev Athreya (UIUC) Gap Distributions and Homogeneous Dynamics Damjanović
October 11   Centennial Celebration (No scheduled classes)  
October 15 (special Monday colloquium) Hugh Bray (Duke) On Dark Matter, Spiral Galaxies, and the Axioms of General Relativity Hardt
October 25 Martin Bridgeman (Boston College) The Pressure metric for convex Anosov representations Wolf
November 1 Robert Lipshitz (Columbia); cancelled Who put the homology in Khovanov homology? (With apologies to Barry Mann.) Petkova
November 8   Ronald Fintushel (Michigan State) Smooth structures on $4$-manifolds Cochran, Harvey
November 15   Fanny Kassel (Lille) Compact quotients of reductive homogeneous spaces: geometric and spectral aspects Wolf
November 22    Thanksgiving Recess (No scheduled classes)  
November 29       

Spring 2013

Date   Speaker   Title   Host
January 10  Jon Chaika (University of Chicago)  Quantitative shrinking targets for IETs and rotations  Boshernitzan 
January 17  Nicolaos Kapouleas (Brown)  Some gluing constructions in Geometry  Wolf 
January 24  Tony Varilly-Alvarado (Rice)  Vertical Brauer groups and del Pezzo surfaces of degree 4  Putman 
January 31  Yakov Pesin (Penn State)  Appearance and genericity of chaos  Tanis 
February 4 (Monday, 3pm)  Rachel Ward (University of Texas)  Sparse recovery beyond incoherence (joint with CAAM; in Duncan 1064)  CAAM 
February 7  Robert Lipshitz (UNC)  Who put the homology in Khovanov homology? (With apologies to Barry Mann.)  Petkova 
February 11 (special Monday colloquium)  Tamar Ziegler (Technion)  Wolfe Lecture : Patterns in primes and dynamics on nilmanifolds   
February 14  Konstantin Khanin (Toronto)  Renormalization and rigidity for circle maps with singularities  Damjanović 
February 21  Dieter Kotschick (Universität München)  Hodge and Chern numbers of algebraic varieties 60 years after Hirzebruch's Riemann-Roch theorem  Putman 
February 28    Spring Break (no scheduled classes)   
March 7  Jeff Brock (Brown)  Fat, exhausted, integer homology spheres  Wu 
March 14  Dan Margalit (Georgia Tech)  Surface homeomorphism with small entropy  Putman 
March 21  Jack Thorne (Harvard)  How (and what) to count  Varilly-Alvarado 
March 28    Midterm Recess (no scheduled classes)   
April 4  Avner Ash (Boston College)  Symmetries of the Field of Algebraic Numbers  Putman 
April 11  Ruth Charney (Brandeis)  Boundaries of spaces of non-positive curvature  Putman 
April 15 (Monday, 3pm)  Nancy Rodriguez (Stanford)  Non-local effects in Social Phenomenon (joint with CAAM; in Duncan 1064)  CAAM 
April 18  Vitaly Bergelson (Ohio State)  Combinatorial richness of multiplicatively large sets  Damjanović