Rice University Math

Colloquium, Rice University Math Department
Most talks are Thursdays at 4:00 in Herman Brown 227

Fall 2011

Date   Speaker   Title   Host
August 25 Ciprian Manolescu (UCLA - Math)   Combinatorial Heegaard Floer theory Heck  
September 1 Brian Lehmann (Rice University - Math)   Algebraic bounds on analytic multiplier ideals   Varilly-Alvarado, Hassett  
September 8   Moshe Vardi (Rice University - CS)   P vs NP   Hardt, Hassett, Wolf  
September 15 Alexander Kiselev (U. of Wisconsin - Madison) Nonlocal maximum principles for active scalars Damanik
September 22 Lewis Bowen (Texas A&M)   Entropy in measurable dynamics   Damjanovic, Varilly-Alvarado  
September 29 Igor Mineyev (UIUC)   An introduction to the Hanna Neumann Conjecture   Heck, Putman  
October 6       
October 13 Jinho Baik (University of Michigan) Last passage percolation and random matrix theory Mkrtchyan, Belov
October 20 Yaroslav Vorobets (Texas A&M) Commutator group of the group of interval exchange transformations Boshernitzan
October 27   Daniel Allcock (UT Austin)   Arithmetic aspects of infinite-dimensional groups Varilly-Alvarado  
November 3 Alexander Soshnikov (UC Davis)   On fluctuation of the outliers in the spectrum of finite-rank deformations of large random matrices Mkrtchyan  
November 10   Kasra Rafi (University of Oklahoma) Counting closed loops in a stratum of quadratic differentials Wolf, Mkrtchyan
November 17   Mark Feighn (Rutgers)   Folding: a tour through some geometric group theory   Heck, Putman  
December 1   Kent Orr (Indiana)   Knots and their manifold stories   Heck, Cochran  

Spring 2012

Date   Speaker   Title   Host
January 12        
January 19   Andrew Putman (Rice University)   Representation stability and congruence subgroups   Lukic  
January 26   Robert Seiringer (McGill University)   Hot Topics in Cold Gases - a Mathematical Physics Perspective   Damanik  
February 2   Richard Tapia (Rice University -- CAAM)   Math at Top Speeds: Establishing and Breaking Myths in the Drag Racing Folklore   Hassett  
February 9   Luis Caffarelli (UT Austin)   Non linear equations involving integral diffusions   Hardt  
February 16   Anatole Katok (Penn State)   Actions of higher rank abelian groups: from measure rigidity to arithmeticity to topology Damjanovic, Lukic  
February 23   Felipe Voloch (UT Austin)   Local-Global principles for integral points on curves   Varilly-Alvarado  
March 1   Spring Break    
March 8   Mircea Mustata (University of Michigan) )  Invariants of singularities in zero and positive characteristic   Varilly-Alvarado, Hassett  
March 15   Lawrence Ein (University of Illinois at Chicago)   Syzygies of algebraic varieties   Varilly-Alvarado, Hassett  
March 22   Midterm Recess      
March 29        
April 5   Misha Kapovich (UC Davis)   Polyhedral complexes and topology of projective varieties   Heck, Harvey  
April 12   Akshay Venkatesh (Stanford University)   Wolfe Lecture   Damanik  
April 19   Vladimir Pestov (University of Ottawa)   Infinite dimensional groups versus locally compact groups: some recent trends   Lukic, Veech