Rice University Math

Colloquium, Rice University Math Department
Most talks are Thursdays at 4:00 in Herman Brown 227

Fall 2010

Date   Speaker   Title  
August 26th   Andy Putman ( Rice University)   The Torelli group  
September 2nd   Benson Farb (University of Chicago)   Representation theory and homological stability  
September 9th   Damiano Testa (University of Oxford)  Conics on the Fermat quintic threefold
September 16th   Yuji Kodama (Ohio State University)   Chords and Solitons:Combinatorics and Geometry in Integrable Systems  
September 23rd   No Colloquium    
September 30th   No Colloquium   
October 7th   Boris Kalinin (University of South Alabama)   Linear cocycles and their periodic data  
October 14th   Shea Vela-Vick ( Columbia University)   Arnold's dream: a search for higher-order helicity invariants  
October 21th   Gilles Pisier (Texas A&M and Paris VI)   The Dixmier unitarizability problem for group representations  
October 28th   Monica Visan ( UCLA )   Nonlinear Schrodinger equations at critical regularity 
November 4th   Joan Birman (Columbia University)  Characteristic polynomials and dilatations of pseudo-Anosov mapping classes 
November 11th   Yu-jong Tzeng (Harvard University)  Enumerative geometry of algebraic surfaces  
November 18th   Matthew Nicol (University of Houston)   Statistical features of hyperbolic dynamical systems 
December 2nd   David Eisenbud (UC Berkeley)   Vector Bundles and Free Resolutions 

Spring 2011

Date   Speaker   Title  
January 13th   William Goldman (University of Maryland) The Geometry of Margulis Spacetimes
January 20th   Tim Perutz (UT Austin)   The Fukaya category of the punctured torus
January 27th   Anna Wienhard (Princeton University)   Higher Teichmueller spaces -- from SL(2,R) to other Lie groups
January 31st [MONDAY!]   David Fisher (Indiana University-Bloomington)   Rigidity of higher rank abelian group actions
February 9th [WEDNESDAY!]   Jean-Francoise Quint (CNRS Paris XIII)   Stationary measures and invariant subsets of homogeneous spaces  
February 17th   Cameron Gordon (UT Austin)   Decision problems about higher-dimensional knot groups  
February 24th   Richard Hain (Duke University)   Topology and Arithmetic  
March 3rd   Spring Break    
March 10th   Dino Lorenzini (University of Georgia)  The index of an algebraic variety  
March 17th   No Colloquium    
March 24th   Midterm Recess    
March 31st   Giovanni Forni (University of Maryland)   Quantitative equidistributions of nilflows and Weyl sums  
April 7th   Wolfe Lecture: Wilhelm Schlag (University of Chicago)   Center Manifolds and Dispersive Hamiltonian Evolution Equations  
April 14th   Boris Solomyak (University of Washington)    
April 21st   Federico Rodriguez Hertz (IMERL, Uruguay)